GDPR - secured ERP- system with Sales Support, CRM, quotation, project management & invoicing

The ERP - system for consultants.

In Project Office, you manage your entire business process - from first customer contact to sales, project management, profitability analysis & billing of the assignment - all in the same system.

That's what our customers think

“Samling Näringsliv has chosen Project Office as its CRM system not only because it is an easy-to-manage software and a good platform for increasing our project management capacity, but above all for the customer focus that the company has. It is a personal service that appeals to us very much. We do not need to worry about asking so-called stupid and who we think ignorant questions. We feel that we are developing our association and our communication process. "

Peter Vomacka
Samling Näringsliv



Project Office     Fortnox

Project Office is now fully integrated with Fortnox and we are working to create the future business system together with the financial system Fortnox.

The following parts are integrated via our API.

  •     Customer register
  •     Article Index
  •     Billing
  •     Subscription Invoicing
Work more efficiently from now on

Your company gathered in one place.


Does your business look like this?

  • You don't think of customer data as a company's value.

  • You do not ensure that the customer data is personal independent - if someone ends up losing a lot of customer data, information and relationship information.

  • It's okay that new staff need months to get into the business.

  • You have many different systems that will simplify your business but do not.

  • You do not work structured with customer processing or customer care.

  • You make your quotations in Word and you have no control over your quotation stock.

  • You do not know what the occupancy rate for your staff looks like.

  • You have no quality assurance and forget to do things, deliver the wrong things and some parts do not work properly.

  •  You do not know how you are in your current projects

  • You are always late to bill and you do not know what is left to bill.






Here's how Project Office simplifies your business:

  • You gather everything that relates to your business in one place because it builds up my company's value.

  • You work every day with customer relations, sales, projects, profitability analysis and invoicing

  • You log all customer contacts so you know what has been said and what to do next.

  • You start and keep track of your sales processes

  • You quickly create a digital quote and get it digitally signed by your customer

  • You always have 100% control of your offering stock.

  • Everyone knows what to do in all projects and the project manager has full control over which parts of the project are finished. You can feel comfortable with your project and the customer has receved what the ordered.

  • You have 100% control over your profitability and you are always quick to invoice so that your solidity and liquidity are always good. You can compare the cost estimate in the quotation with the actual result, profitability and efficiency of resources, projects and the whole company.

News and development

What happens at Project Office?

Free breakfast seminar

Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö

We invite you to breakfast and at the same time we tell and show how Project Office simplifies your everyday life as an entrepreneur.

Report your interest via email to Joakim Persson and we will contact you when it is time for the next one!

New features.

By 2020, Project Office is launching new features

  • Integration with Fortnox.
  • Contract management and management of recurring assignments.
  • Project planning overview linked to schedule and schedule.
  • ToDo list and time registration app for employees.
  • Advertising agency adaptation of project group linked to projects and annual budget.

Should we tell you more?

Project Office is a business system for your entire business process - from quick and professional quotes to project planning, time registration and invoicing - all in one place.


Sales support and CRM for sellers

In CRM you work with your customer register as a starting point. Each customer receives a customer card where all the customer's activities are presented.

A digital quote is created directly in the system and is based on the products that are placed. It is sent in an email to the customer for approval via the attached link.

Project management for the company

When a quote is approved, the project becomes an order. The project manager plans the project so that each employee sees their tasks. All resources see documents and project descriptions for what to do.

Finance and billing

You have a clear summary of the time spent on the project, so it is possible to analyze which parts take the most time. You can compare the time worked with the quoted price and ensure that there is profitability in projects.

With Project Office you can be quick to invoice and thanks to the compilation you always have control over which orders are invoiced.